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Announcing: Limited Edition Decorah Eagles Shirts and Apparel!

N2B Apparel

These RRP-designed shirts celebrate the first season of the Decorah Eagles in N2B, the nest we began for them shortly after Bob passed away. The branches of a cottonwood arch over Mom, Dad, D24, and D25, and forested bluffs rise in the background. Apparel options include tee-shirts, sweatshirts, and pull-over hoodies in navy, black, brown, olive, and white. Go to to order yours by March 28! All sales benefit the Raptor Resource Project.

Iowa Public Television: The Eagles of Decorah

The Eagles of Decorah

Take a captivating look into the private lives of bald eagles that nest along the Mississippi River near Decorah, Iowa. Join us Wednesday, March 8, at 6:30 p.m. for a tale of adventure, triumph, and tragedy on #IPTVFestival. The movie will air again on Saturday, March 11. Iowa Public Television will be simul-casting live on their Facebook page and possibly on their website as well. We will keep everyone posted! IA-PTV Facebook:¬† IA-PTV Website:¬†