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Hip pip hooray!

External pip in Decorah

We have an external pip in Decorah! Thanks to Prairiefirewind and the Decorah mods for their hard work getting this very brief moment. D26 is on the way! Video: It has been 37 days, 21 hours, and 36 minutes since Mom laid egg number one in Decorah this year.

Nest Round-Up!


We have a nest round-up! We are getting a lot of questions about the Decorah nest. Have we seen pip? What is going on there? Are you still reporting on it? We are! As of 8:35pm on March 29: Decorah: We haven’t seen a verifiable pip yet, although the rain has Mombrella and PopTent up and in action! We are at 37 days + about an hour and a half now, so our best guess for an external pip is

Welcome to the World, DN4!


DN4 has hatched! We don’t have an exact time, but we know it was between 1:20PM and 3:14PM central time! The wind had Mom keeping a pretty tight lid on the newly hatched eaglet and eggs until it was time for for shift change. It was roughly 37 days and 21 hours, give or take a little, from the time the first egg was laid to the time it hatched. We’ll post videos here as soon as we have them.

Hatches and Eggs: A Round-up!

Decorah North PIP

So where are we with eggs and hatches now? As of 8:05 CT on March 28, 2017: We have two eaglets at Fort St. Vrain We have a hatch window but no hatch yet at Decorah North We are still waiting in Decorah The Fort St. Vrain great horned owls had their first hatch on March 27! At our nests, peregrine falcons have begun laying eggs at Great River Energy (Mary Ellen laid number two today) and Great Spirit Bluff

1st Hatch for Xcel Energy Fort St. Vrain!

FSV36 at Xcel Energy Fort St. Vrain

Congratulations to Xcel Energy’s Fort St. Vrain eagles! FSV 36 was spotted by sharp-eyed Fort St. Vrain fans this morning during nest changeover at 6:57am mountain time. The eaglet looked dry and we saw no signs of an eggshell, which means it had been out of the egg for a while. Based on that and a capture that appears to show a large zip in one of the eggs yesterday at around 6:44pm, we believe the eaglet hatched last night.

Announcing: Hatch Watch!

Hatch Watch at our bald eagle nests!

It’s almost time for hatch watch! We will start hatch watch at Fort St. Vrain on Saturday, March 25; at Decorah North on Sunday, March 26; and at Decorah on Monday, March 27. As many of you already know, hatch begins before pip! We’ll be looking for egg movements and listening for vocalizations between parents and hatching eaglets as we wait for eaglets to arrive. Watch and chat at Decorah: Watch and chat at the North Nest: Watch

Announcing: Limited Edition Decorah Eagles Shirts and Apparel!

N2B Apparel

These RRP-designed shirts celebrate the first season of the Decorah Eagles in N2B, the nest we began for them shortly after Bob passed away. The branches of a cottonwood arch over Mom, Dad, D24, and D25, and forested bluffs rise in the background. Apparel options include tee-shirts, sweatshirts, and pull-over hoodies in navy, black, brown, olive, and white. Go to to order yours by March 28! All sales benefit the Raptor Resource Project.

Iowa Public Television: The Eagles of Decorah

The Eagles of Decorah

Take a captivating look into the private lives of bald eagles that nest along the Mississippi River near Decorah, Iowa. Join us Wednesday, March 8, at 6:30 p.m. for a tale of adventure, triumph, and tragedy on #IPTVFestival. The movie will air again on Saturday, March 11. Iowa Public Television will be simul-casting live on their Facebook page and possibly on their website as well. We will keep everyone posted! IA-PTV Facebook:¬† IA-PTV Website:¬†