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BirdCam began in 1998, when NSP (now Xcel Energy) became one of the first companies to place images from a peregrine nest box online. The original BirdCam allowed visitors to watch Mae, the first falcon to nest at a power plant, care for and feed her young.

BirdCam has since expanded to several power plants and two other raptor species: eagles and owls. Visitors can watch the feed and access and download pictures at each site. The Raptor Resource Project will post estimated hatch dates and other information at this site.

Visit our Nest Viewer to view falcons, eagles, and osprey online. Would you like to be notified when the BirdCam cameras are turned on? Click to access our BirdCam list, which allows self-subscription. This list is private and will not be shared with or sold to anyone else on or off the list.