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Announcing: Limited Edition Decorah Eagles Shirts and Apparel!

N2B Apparel

These RRP-designed shirts celebrate the first season of the Decorah Eagles in N2B, the nest we began for them shortly after Bob passed away. The branches of a cottonwood arch over Mom, Dad, D24, and D25, and forested bluffs rise in the background. Apparel options include tee-shirts, sweatshirts, and pull-over hoodies in navy, black, brown, olive, and white. Go to to order yours by March 28! All sales benefit the Raptor Resource Project.

Iowa Public Television: The Eagles of Decorah

The Eagles of Decorah

Take a captivating look into the private lives of bald eagles that nest along the Mississippi River near Decorah, Iowa. Join us Wednesday, March 8, at 6:30 p.m. for a tale of adventure, triumph, and tragedy on #IPTVFestival. The movie will air again on Saturday, March 11. Iowa Public Television will be simul-casting live on their Facebook page and possibly on their website as well. We will keep everyone posted! IA-PTV Facebook: IA-PTV Website:  

Egg Round Up!

Third egg at Decorah North

So many nests! So many eggs! Here’s a round-up: Decorah. This is our original Iowa site! Mom and Dad Decorah are currently nesting in N2B (a human-built nest named after Bob, who was very enthusiastic about the nest-building project). As of this post, we have two eggs in the nest. The first eaglet to hatch will be D26. The adults are Mom and Dad Decorah, or Mom and Dad. Egg number one was laid on Monday, February 20, at 7:30pm: Egg number

Tech tips: Handling plug-in problems

Unblocking your Flash plug-in

Followers are reporting some difficulties watching our streams this year. The most common complaints are ‘I am seeing a black box instead of video’ and ‘I am logged into chat but can’t see anything’. The Decorah, Decorah North, and GSB streams are still being presented via Flash. At one point, Flash was the premier technology for providing animated and dynamic content online. However, the browser and technical industry has been slowly transitioning away from it for years and many modern

First Egg for the Decorah Eagles!

Decorah Mom and the first egg of 2017

Mom Decorah laid egg #1 this evening at 7:30! This is the 27th egg that Mom and Dad have produced together. Congratulations, Mom and Dad Decorah! Videos (we will post more if we get them) Decorah Bald Eagles Labor and Egg: Decorah Eagles first egg: The videos are very similarly timed. They open with Mom crouching in the nest. She appears deep in concentration, sitting very still and swaying slightly back and forth. At 1:46 into the video,

Silent Auction

Celtic Junction Benefit

Our benefit at the Celtic Junction tonight includes an online silent auction. You will need an account at 32 Auctions if you want to bid on anything. To see our auction items, follow this link: To register for a free 32 Auctions account, go here: For more information about the benefit, follow this link:

Who is that eagle with a transmitter?

We started to get reports in January of an eagle with a transmitter near Lock and Dam 14, which stretches across the Mississippi river between Le Claire, Iowa and Hampton, Illinois. Like most large lock and dam systems, LD 14 has open water even in the coldest weather, making it a popular place for wintering bald eagles. Of course wintering bald eagles attract photographers, and some of those photographers noticed that one of the eagles had a transmitter on its

The latest from D24

D24 MaPp, February 2, 2017

D24 finally sent a postcard home! He is currently traveling along the Iowa river just SE of Columbus Junction, Iowa. This is excellent, high-quality territory for eagles, and there are many of them in the area right now. The relatively mild winter and fast flowing water has left large gaps in the ice, while the presence of farms, woods, and roads means easy pickings for hungry eagles. If D24 keeps following the Iowa, he will eventually end up back on

When will egg-laying begin?

Mom and Dad at N2B

So when will Mom Decorah, Mom North, and Mom FSV begin laying eggs? We don’t have a timetable, but past years can help determine what to expect at each nest. February may be about flowers and chocolate for some of you, but it is all about eggs for us! Decorah Eagles For the past two years, Mom has laid her first egg on February 18. Her earliest laying date occurred on February 17, 2012: an uncommonly mild winter. Her latest

Bird of Prey Benefit

Benefit for Birds of Prey

The Raptor Resource Project is holding a benefit for birds of prey on Saturday, February 18, at the Celtic Junction in Saint Paul, MN. The benefit will start at 7:00pm. Featured guests include: Emmy award-winning producers George Howe and Tim Jacobsen on their new project: Decoding the Driftless Vanessa Green on Osprey surveys in the Twin Cities. John Howe on the reboot of our kestrel nestbox program Entertainment will be provided by: The Brian Boru Pipe Band John Sjogren Sistertree

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