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About Eagle D1

D1 is a female Bald Eagle and sister (from an earlier clutch) to D14. She hatched at the Decorah Eagle nest in 2011. We determined her gender by measuring her when we fitted her with the transmitter. Female Bald eagles are larger than males. Her size put her firmly in the female category.

We were able to track D1 locally after putting the transmitter on her. The photographs below were taken in the summer and fall of 2011.

D1 Slideshow

About the Transmitter

The transmitter is made by North Star Science and Technology:, or check facebook: It is a small rectangular backpack that attaches to the eagles via teflon straps. It weighs about 55 grams, or roughly 2 ounces, and is solar-powered. Northstar's website lists the operational life as indefinite, but probably 2-4 years: our eagle biologist had one last as long as seven years.

For more information about the transmitter, please see this blog post.

Video: D1 is fitted with a transmitter

About Eagle D14

D14 is a male Bald eagle and brother (from a later clutch) to D1. He hatched at the Decorah Eagle nest in 2012 and died in November of 2012. His death, along with the death of his sibling D12, provided the impetus for the D12 Memorial Group to get safe perches installed at the hatchery in Decorah, where the eagles spend a great deal of time. For more information about the perch project and safe perches, follow this link: To see D14's travels during his life, click this link:

D14 slideshow.

These photos were taken in 2012 prior to D14's death