2017 Decorah Eagles Calendar
2017 Decorah Eagles Calendar: Robin Brumm’s 2016 calendar includes on-site photos of Mom and Dad Decorah and D24 and D25 eaglets/juveniles. The calendar contains egg laying, hatch, branching, and fledging dates for the Decorah Eaglets from 2011-2016!
Decorah North Nest Calendar
2017 Decorah North Calendar: 2017 Decorah North Bald Eagles Nest is the country nest in Decorah, Iowa with the pair known as Mr & Mrs North and DN1, DN2, and DN3 from the 2016 nest season. Images taken from live camera screen shots, and includes all milestone dates to remember. Designed and curated by Sherri Elliott.
Decorah Eagles Mug
Sharon’s Embroidery: Hoodies, t-shirts, polos, coffee mugs, and mousepads. All sales of Decorah Eagles merchandise benefit the Raptor Resource Project.
Miller Lynch book Learning To FlyLearning to Fly: Darlene and Glenn Miller have teamed with Ann and David Lynch to produce this account of the events that occurred in Decorah, Iowa the summer of 2014. Includes a foreword by Bob Anderson that provides insight into his conservation work and is his last writing about himself.
Glenn and Darlene Miller's photography and booksGlenn and Darlene Miller: Photography and books. All sales benefit the Raptor Resource Project.
Robin Brumm's Eagle PhotographyRobin Brumm: Photography. All sales benefit the Raptor Resource Project and SOAR.
Sherri Elliott's Book The EEeee's & MeBook: The EEeee’s and Me. Sherri Elliott’s book about the 2011 nesting season. All sales benefit the Raptor Resource Project.