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Decorah: N2 and our plans

N2 from the back, splintered limb

As you might know, wind took down N2 in Decorah very early on Saturday, July 18. The limb that held the nest tree was sheared completely off, several trees in the immediate area were toppled, and a few rows of corn in the field near the nest were flattened. The eaglets and mom were quickly accounted for. Dad kept us wondering until Sunday morning, when he was spotted at a favorite perching place on top of the bluff near the

Message from the Director

Although Bob Anderson is gone, the Raptor Resource Project is committed to continuing his work. We are dedicated to preserving and strengthening raptor populations, expanding participation in raptor conservation, fostering the next generation of preservationists, and educating people around the world about raptors and their habitats. Our board met on Saturday, August 1st, to choose a new director and add additional board members. Bob wanted John Howe to succeed him as director. John and Bob worked together on several projects,

N2B, the new Decorah nest

Members and friends of the Raptor Resource Project spent the last two days building an eagle’s nest – or what we hope will become an eagle’s nest – near the former site of N2. We put together this blog to answer questions about our work and what it means. What happened to N2? The tree that N2 sat in was destroyed during a storm at around 3am on the morning of Saturday, July 18. The storm has been reported as

Decorah North Nest

Kike's (Kee-Kay's) helmet in the Decorah North Nest.

We surveyed a new nest last week. ‘Decorah North’ is a very large bald eagle’s nest in a secluded valley north of Decorah. A few statistics from our trip: The nest is 56 feet off the ground It is nine feet long at its longest point It is seven feet wide at its widest point It has a total area of 49 feet The eagles are in their second year of using it. Using the method listed here (, I