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Work at GSB

Article about Great Spirit Bluff

John Howe, Johnny Clarinne, and Amy Ries replaced the nest box camera at Great Spirit Bluff and checked the nest box, which was installed by Bob Anderson in 2003 at the request of the Howe family. The box was in good shape and we now have a high definition camera at the box. Although resident falcons Michelle and Travis have migrated, we look forward to seeing them again in March, and the camera still offers spectacular views of the Mississippi

Eagles Adopt N2B

Decorah Eagles adopt N2B

The nest we built in August appears to have been adopted by the Decorah eagles! Mom and Dad were first seen in the nest on October 7th and have added a lot of materials to the nest since then. We are seeing at least one new behavior this year: Dad is spending a lot of time ‘biting’ (beaking?) bark on the left tree limb. We’ve come up with several theories, but absent research, we suspect Dad might be removing bark