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Remembering 2015, Part Two: Mod favorites!

Decorah Hatchling

2015 Ustream and Facebook Mod Favorites We decided to turn on the time machine this morning for a trip down memory lane! I asked our moderators to share some of their favorite moments on the nest from 2015, and here are a few of their selections. Enjoy and have a very happy new year! I did leave out one favorite of Bob’s, so I will lead off with that. He was absolutely thrilled by the Decorah Bald Eagle Violin Concerto,

Remembering 2015, Part One: A Tribute to Bob

D23 Hatching

As the year comes to a close, we are going to take a look back at some special moments from 2015 and earlier. We are starting with a dedication to Bob, including some of his favorite footage, a blog he inspired, and a few videos celebrating his accomplishments. We hope you enjoy remembering some of these special moments! D23 Hatches I don’t remember where I was when Bob called to make sure I was watching D23 hatch. He was so

Raising Mabuhay

Mabuhay the Philippine Eagle

Today we are fundraising money for the Philippine Eagle cam, a project we are taking on in conjunction with the Philippine Eagle Foundation and Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. The¬†Philippine Eagle is one of the world’s most critically endangered birds. By raising awareness of its plight, we hope to preserve the habitat it needs and end the killing of the birds. We will be sending Neil Rettig and Kike Arnal to the Philippines in February of 2016 to scout locations for