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The day is finally here!

Poster for Philippine Eagle Benefit

We’ll be scrambling to get ready for the Philippine Eagle Benefit, which starts tonight at 7:00pm! We have a live and on-line silent auction, live music, and a cash bar! For more information (and a donate button), follow this link: Philippine Eagle Benefit! All donations made on the Event page will automatically go to our joint Philippine Eagle recovery project. For more about the Philippine Eagle Project, visit this page:

Egg #3 in Decorah

Decorah Eagles lay three eggs

Whatta night! Congratulations to Mom and Dad Decorah on their third egg of the season, laid at 6:59PM CT on February 25th! While the event was interrupted by a computer issue, watchers got to see Mom’s contractions and hear her soft chirps as she laid her 26th egg. We’ve all been straining our necks for a glimpse of it at the bottom of Dad’s deep nest cup! Hatching occurs 35-37 days after eggs are laid, so we will start anticipating

Is N2B big enough? Where are Mom and Dad? Answers to your questions!

Evolution of N2B

Is N2B big enough? This is probably the number one question we’ve fielded this week. A lot of people have expressed concerns that N2B isn’t big enough for the eagles. However, the nest was already roughly 4.5 feet high by 5 feet wide when we left it in August – big enough for Neil to sit comfortably inside it! The eagles have built it up substantially since then, as the image below shows. So why does the nest look small

Eggs, eggs, eggs!

First Egg in Decorah 2016

We have a first egg in Decorah and a second egg at Fort St. Vrain! While we don’t know for sure when Mom Decorah will lay her second egg, past history indicates that it is most likely to be Sunday. We’ve had a lot of questions about both eagle couples staying off of their first eggs. Temperatures this year are usually well below freezing in Decorah, and slightly below to slightly above freezing in Platteville, so the eagles need to

Decorah Eagles Egg Watch: A Look Back!

Where’s the nest bowl? Where’s the egg cup? We thought it would be fun to look back and previous egg lay dates 2011-2015, and remind you that it takes no time at all to excavate the cushy material to form the nest bowl and egg cup. Mom and Dad have been bringing in a steady supply of material, shoring up the rails, and today Dad brought Mom a squirrel for brunch, and she hit the bedding sale at Nest Depot

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