Hatch at Fort St. Vrain, HIP in Decorah, falcon eggs, and the TV Channel returns!

Whatta morning, as someone we know on Facebook might say! The Fort St. Vrain eagles finally had their first hatch this morning! FSV31 hatched 9:23am this morning. This nest has had two hatches in one day previously, so I will be very interested to see if it happens again this year!

We have a Hatch In Progress (HIP) in Decorah this morning! It can take as long as a day for a hatchling eagle to emerge from its shell past the first hole or ‘star’, which we saw yesterday afternoon. We’ll be watching!

We have the first falcon eggs at Sherco (1:11am on March 27, 2016) and Great Spirit Bluff (12:02am on March March 27, 2016)! We have a video from GSB here: https://youtu.be/qlD74OGm3qQ

And finally, the Turkey Vulture channel is back on Ustream. That can be watched here: http://www.ustream.tv/missouriturkeyvultures. We need some help spotting vultures, so please let us know if you do (I’ll make sure I have a thread for it)!

Thank you, and happy, happy spring! HIP-HIP-Hatch-Hooray!