Welcome to the world, D24!

Welcome to the world, D24! We don’t know when exactly you hatched, although we will be scanning the autorecord to see if we can figure it out. By the time we glimpsed you this morning at 6:22AM, you were already fluffy and dry!

The video record starts with videos taken last night as we all paced the carpet and wondered when D24 would finally hatch. As this year reminded us all yet again, hatching is a process, not a discrete action!


Hatch in progress (ie, was that a hole in the egg?)

  • Eaglewhisperer18: Mom does egg roll: https://youtu.be/iQ_8LHPolJs
  • Eaglewhisperer18: Sounds like chirps: https://youtu.be/7_mq7hsfFhE
  • Eaglewhisperer18: Bit of a peek: https://youtu.be/ur3C7ivcBiE
  • Mocha Mama: D24 HIP: https://youtu.be/rwsx5XMDdGc

Our first glimpse of D24 (look, D24 is already fuzzy and dry!)

  • Chico70 – D24 is here! https://youtu.be/IG64TvKv1C4
  • PrairieFireWind – Mom allows D24 to make a debut appearance!
  • Dad’s first glimpse of his new eaglet (awww….)
    Blossem Holland – COG first peek! https://youtu.be/kZiUXNiKuX8

From this morning:

  • D24’s morning exercises: https://youtu.be/QoshZolWYAQ

Thank you so much to all of you for watching with us this year! We appreciate it more than we can say. What a moment of joy! Bob would be so happy!