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Egg round-up!

Talons and eggs

Where do we have eggs and how many do we have?   BALD EAGLES In Decorah, Iowa: Eggs could begin hatching between March 25 and March 29. Egg #1 was laid on 2/18/16 @ 8:28 PM Egg #2 was laid on 2/21/16 @ 7:46 PM Egg #3 was laid on 2/25/16 @ 6:59 PM At Decorah North in Decorah, Iowa: Eggs could begin hatching between April 15 and April 19. Egg #1 was laid on 3/11/16 @ 2:29 PM CT Egg #2 was laid on 3/14/16

A report: The DNR’s proposed ban on non-toxic shot in Farmland WMA’s

Eagle in the sky

I attended the Minnesota DNR’s non-toxic shot informational meeting last week and heard testimony supporting and opposing the DNR’s ban on non-toxic shot in Farmland WMA’s in Western Minnesota. While the DNR received many more letters supporting than opposing the ban, the issue is far from settled. Minnesotans, you can email comments to [email protected] or submit written comments to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources by mailing a letter/statement to: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Non-Toxic Shot Comments 500 Lafayette

Egg number two at the Decorah North Nest!

Second Decorah North Nest Egg!

Mom North laid her 2nd Egg at 2:28PM CT on 3-14-16. Eggs are normally laid about 3-5 days from the first egg laid, and just like clockwork, Mom laid her 2nd egg almost ‘eggsactly’ 72 hours from her first. Congratulations to Mom & Dad North!! Our thanks to Bob Anderson and the RRP Board of Directors for the cameras that will allow us to observe and study this pair, and to the landowner who has graciously allowed us access. We

Decorah Nest, Mom, and Three Egglets

Videos and news! We have three eggs at Fort St. Vrain and three in Decorah. We are hopeful for hatch in Decorah on or around March 27th, and at Fort St. Vrain on or around March 28. Remember, these are estimates – the actual hatch could be a little earlier or a little later. At Decorah North, we have one egg laid at 2:29PM CT on March 11. We could see another laid some time tomorrow, although we don’t know

Will the nest trees hold N2B and Decorah North?

Nest Tree in East Central Minnesota

Will the nest trees hold N2B and Decorah North? Answers, information, and a little speculation on that topic can be found on the blog: The nest in this photograph is not one we watch. It is on private land about 12 miles from my house and was taken from the road. This is a much more technical topic than I normally write about and any mistakes are my own.

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