First fledgling from N2B and GSB!

We had our first fledgling from N2B yesterday! D24 fledged some time yesterday morning. Boots on the ground Robin Brumm spotted her perched 5-6 trees over from N2B, near the bike trail. She looks fine, is safe in a tree, and has been wing flapping as she begins her new life beyond the nest.
We also had our first fledgling from Great Spirit Bluff. Where D24 soared from a limb, falcon Alex fell while exploring the perch and flapped to the ground. Newman and Michelle are taking care of him below the bluff and we should see him on the wing soon.

Congratulations to our little eaglet and falcon. We look forward to seeing you both learn to fly! Bob would be so proud of all that has happened this year.

Note: The cameras at GSB failed during a thunderstorm. We hope they can be fixed easily and will get to them as soon as we can.