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8-23-16: Day Trip to Decorah

Dad and D25 on a maple tree

8-23-16 ~ Day Trip to Decorah Story, photos and video by Robin Brumm As a friend of mine said, I got up at “don’t look at the time, O’clock”, lol, and headed to Decorah. When I got there, Dad was on the Y branch. I could hear a juvie squeeing but didn’t see it. I parked my car and walked over to N1. Dad was gone and the juvie was flying off the Y to the maple tree, so I

What’s On The Menu at Decorah North Nest?

Decorah North: DN1 with Prey

Written by Sherri Elliott A plethora of prey was procured, dispatched and delivered at Decorah North Nest this season, and while Mr & Mrs North do not have the convenience of a fish hatchery directly out their door as their eagle neighbors to the south, the quantity of fish and other prey was substantial and varied. Probably most unusual to even seasoned viewers was the cow placenta, and the road kill cat. What we learn again is not only are eagle

7-29-16: Day Trip to Decorah

Photo of Mom Decorah with D25

Story, photo and video by Robin Brumm It had been way too long since I’ve been able to get to Decorah, but I was finally able to go on Friday. The weather was supposed to have been partly sunny, but about half way to Decorah it started to rain. When I drove up to the hatchery, Mom and Dad were on top of the maple tree. I didn’t see either juvie, but I could hear one squeeing. I took a

Are You Missing Our Fledglings?


Author: Sherri Elliott. It’s a bittersweet time for fans and viewers who haven’t been able to follow the example of our fledglings and get on with our own lives. We keep hoping for updates, glimpses of them and wondering how they are faring. Here’s an update for you! Decorah North Nest: Last night, on the eve of DN1’s 15 Week BirdDay we had a nice long visit and sleepover as DN1 settled in for the night, perched on the lower