Eagle Maps

We just updated the eagle maps this morning! While D25 continues to stay near home, D24 is branching out and exploring, although he hasn’t traveled much more than a mile from N2B. Thanks to Brett Mandernack and the Eagle Valley team for collecting and sharing this data with us!

We have data for D1, Four, D24, and D25 in the month of July, immediately following fledge. How do they compare? As the image shows, D1, D24, and D25 all have pretty similar patterns. While D1 A map of D1, Four, D24, and Four in July of 2011, 2014, and 2016.and D24 are a little more exploratory than D25 (at least to date), all three eagles used Mom and Dad’s core territory as their home base. They spent a lot of time near N1 (all three eagles) and N2B (D24 and D25), with some regular trips along Trout Creek and to a farm roughly .3 miles southwest of N2B. So far, D24 and D25 are spending some time together and some time apart.

Four is a bit different. As followers might recall, Four ended up on Mulch Mountain, about 1.3 miles NE of N2 (Four’s natal nest). She wasn’t an especially proficient flier and spent a lot of July in the vicinity of the mulch pile (when Bob wasn’t rescuing her from fields, fences, and the other trouble she tended to get into). She didn’t spend much time in the core territory until August – also a little different than D1! I look forward to seeing what D24 and D25 do in August as well. Stay safe and healthy, eagles!

You can view and interact with the maps at http://www.raptorresource.org/eagle-map/. We also have a beta version of D24 and D25’s maps up on Google Maps. Enjoy!