2016 Cam Updates

We’ve had a lot of questions about the new eagle cams we installed in September and the falcon cams we installed in October. Here is an update from RRP director John Howe explaining past and current cameras. Thanks, John!

Decorah Eagles – Fish Hatchery, Decorah IA

Nest N1
Our initial installation of HD cameras in 2015 included a bullet camera pointed at N1 and a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera with 10x zoom. This combination allowed us to get amazing views of eagles on the Y-Branch and the nest. We were also able to get long distance views of Mom and Dad over on the maple tree after the leaves fell.
Late in the summer of 2016, we started experiencing intermittent camera connectivity with the N1 PTZ and knew something was wrong. Our equipment updates for this year included a new 30x zoom PTZ camera with microphone. The new camera has better zoom capabilities and can pan up above the horizon further up into the tree. As before, we get real nice views of the Y-Branch, higher branches, the white barn and horses, and the maple tree across the road. A new infrared (IR) illuminator provides “night vision” for the nest and “Y” branch.

Nest N2B

Cameras at N2B

Cameras at N2B

We added a new 30x zoom PTZ camera, microphone, and IR illuminator at the N2B man & eagle-made nest this year. The new PTZ camera is in addition to the old PTZ and bullet cameras and was strategically placed to give a great view of the sky-walk branch and the opposite side of the nest. The new PTZ is a bit further away from the nest for protection from poop shoot (PS) and wind assisted PS! So we currently have 2 PTZ cameras and one fixed camera at N2B.

Hatchery Visitor Center/Pavilion
We are working with our partners at the fish hatchery to purchase and install a PTZ camera on top of the visitor center. This will allow views of Mom and Dad snatching trout from the pond and high zoom views of the bluff perch and the maple tree. Installation should be complete by December!

Decorah Eagles – North Nest (DN), Undisclosed, Decorah IA

Decorah North Nest Cameras

Decorah North Nest Cameras

We installed a new PTZ camera at the north nest tree. The camera has a high quality picture and is fitted with a stereo (shotgun) microphone. The shotgun microphone is pointed at the nest and allows some pretty incredible audio. You can actually hear an eagle stepping inside the nest or tearing the flesh of a freshly caught trout! A new IR illuminator was placed pointing at the nest to help brighten the nest at night. The camera equipment is placed on a branch about 18 feet from the nest and keeps our impact around the nest at a minimum. Thanks to our Explore.org partners for their help with the new equipment!

Fort St. Vrain Eagles – Xcel Energy, Platteville CO
We installed a new HD camera at the Fort St. Vrain plant with the help of our partners at Xcel Energy. That cam should be online now at http://birdcam.xcelenergy.com/. The camera is an IR-night vision bullet camera with variable zoom and microphone and should provide improved video quality of the eagles and audio that we have not had in the past. The system is very high-tech with solar panel power and radios to transmit video and audio back to the Xcel facility. Xcel is working to provide smoother video, but the images are wonderful!

Great Spirit Bluff Falcons – Great Spirit Bluff, Dresbach MN
This summer, Mother Nature and lightning caused troubles with both our nest box camera and the PTZ camera. We retrieved the nest box camera arm and outfitted it with a new microphone and HD bullet camera. We worked with our Explore.org partners to install a remote PTZ camera with a high quality picture and low light capabilities – thanks! We are just wrapping up testing and adjustment of the PTZ camera and it should be on-line and ready to go soon.

Seneca Eagles – New York, Seneca Nation of Indians
We are still working on a bald eagle camera with the Seneca Nation of Indians. The Seneca and A2Z Security team placed a new IR bullet camera and microphone in the active nest tree. We are helping with testing and fine tuning the system and they are excited to have an opportunity to get to view and know their eagles!

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