The latest from D24

D24 Map, February 2, 2017

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D24 finally sent a postcard home! He is currently traveling along the Iowa river just SE of Columbus Junction, Iowa. This is excellent, high-quality territory for eagles, and there are many of them in the area right now. The relatively mild winter and fast flowing water has left large gaps in the ice, while the presence of farms, woods, and roads means easy pickings for hungry eagles.

If D24 keeps following the Iowa, he will eventually end up back on the Mississippi River near Toolesboro, Iowa. This stunning area was the home of a much-beloved Ustream mod named Toolesboro Tom and also has a small mounds park that preserves the remnants of a much larger mound complex. It seems like a fitting place for D24. I’d like to think that people have been watching and celebrating bald eagles here for a very long time.

To follow the travels of D24, D25, Four, D14, and D1, visit our interactive maps at A huge thanks to Brett Mandernack and the staff at Eagle Valley for sharing their data with us.

Fly high, D24!