First Egg for the Decorah Eagles!

Mom Decorah laid egg #1 this evening at 7:30! This is the 27th egg that Mom and Dad have produced together. Congratulations, Mom and Dad Decorah!

Videos (we will post more if we get them)

The videos are very similarly timed. They open with Mom crouching in the nest. She appears deep in concentration, sitting very still and swaying slightly back and forth. At 1:46 into the video, she shifts and puts her head down. She shifts position again at 2:46, settling further into the nest. We begin to see rhythmic contractions as she shifts position in the nest. These become more pronounced around 4:22 – if you are watching Blossem Holland’s video, listen closely for the soft chirps that accompany Mom’s egg-laying. We are in the final states of egg-laying at this point.Mom stands up at 5:44. Her contractions have ceased and egg labor is done! When she lifts her feathers at 6:25, we catch a quick glimpse of her egg! After briefly resting, Mom seems to wake up a little bit around 8:16. She turns tail to us at 8:57, giving us a nice look at the egg before working her tail and wing around the tree and rolling or shifting the egg underneath her as she stands over it. It is very warm out tonight, so she doesn’t need to settle over the egg immediately.

Do you have egg questions? We have answers!

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