Egg Round Up!

So many nests! So many eggs! Here’s a round-up:

  • Decorah. This is our original Iowa site! Mom and Dad Decorah are currently nesting in N2B (a human-built nest named after Bob, who was very enthusiastic about the nest-building project). As of this post, we have two eggs in the nest. The first eaglet to hatch will be D26. The adults are Mom and Dad Decorah, or Mom and Dad.
  • Decorah North. Bob found this site shortly before passing away. Fortunately, he shared it with John. We started watching it last year. As of this post, we have three eggs in the nest! The first eaglet to hatch will be DN4. The adults are Mom and Dad North.
  • Fort St. Vrain: Still with us? Decorah was our original Iowa site, but Fort St. Vrain was our first site. Bob and our late board president Rob MacIntyre first installed a camera here in 2003! We aren’t sure how long the Fort St. Vrain nest has been active, since it was already well established when the camera was installed. The adults are Ma and Pa FSV.
  • Great Spirit Bluff: No eggs yet, but we are seeing a lot of copulation! We think the male is unbanded Newman. The female is 66/A from St. Louis, MO. We don’t know whether Michelle will show up or not – she would have been 12 this year, which is relatively old for a wild falcon. The earliest egg at GSB to date was laid by Michelle on March 25, 2012. We are very curious to see whether egg-timing will advance earlier this year.
  • Other sites: falcons have also been reported at:
    • Xcel Energy’s Allen S. King and Sherco plants
    • Great River Energy’s Elk River plant
    • Homer Bluff

Estimated hatch dates so far are March 26 for FSV and and March 29 for Decorah North – but those are estimates, so it could be earlier or later!