Nest Round-Up!

We have a nest round-up! We are getting a lot of questions about the Decorah nest. Have we seen pip? What is going on there? Are you still reporting on it? We are! As of 8:35pm on March 29:

  • Decorah: We haven’t seen a verifiable pip yet, although the rain has Mombrella and PopTent up and in action! We are at 37 days + about an hour and a half now, so our best guess for an external pip is tomorrow, although hatch should have already started with an internal pip in egg number one. The weather is supposed to begin clearing – maybe all of you at home could help sweep the weather away for us with mouse clicks and hand motions? 😉 The wind picks up a little tomorrow and we are looking forward to the end of the rain! So in short, we have nothing at Decorah yet, but tomorrow could be a pivotal day!
  • Decorah North: We had our first hatch at Decorah North today! We don’t have an exact time, but we know it was between 1:20PM and 3:14PM central time! The wind had Mom keeping a pretty tight lid on the newly hatched eaglet and eggs until it was time for for shift change. It was roughly 37 days and 21 hours, give or take a little, from the time the first egg was laid to the time it hatched.
  • Fort St. Vrain: Ma and Pa FSV have two eaglets! No third hatch yet, but the Fort St. Vrain group has some great videos that we will share tomorrow! This nest is often challenged by late, wet snows. We are hoping for the best for the FSV family!
  • Peregrine falcons: As eaglets hatch, peregrines are laying eggs! We have eggs at Great Spirit Bluff and Great River Energy, with Great River Energy leading the pack on egg number one this year! We don’t have an egg at Red Wing Grain yet, but we did get a band number thanks to Pauline and Skygirlblue! Female 77/X is a Canadian falcon that was banded by Brian Ratcliff. She is roughly 360 miles south of her natal nest: a very long way even for a female peregrine! We’ll see if she stays.

    Thank you for watching with us!