Monthly Archives: September 2017

Cam on date: October 7th!

It has been a busy couple of weeks for us in Decorah! We started camera work at 9:00am on September 13th and finished up at roughly 7:00pm on the evening of September 22nd. The crew had moments of joy, a little hand-wringing, and no small amount of sweating in the unusual 90+ degree heat that prevailed almost the entire time we were there. We saw Mom and Dad Decorah sitting in a maple tree, fishing in the pond, and perched

Live from the Fort St. Vrain Bald Eagle nest!

Back in late August, John and I traveled to Platteville, Colorado, to work with Xcel Energy employees Bill Heston, Tina Lopez, and Naresh Dahagama on an upgrade to the Fort St. Vrain Eagle cam. Over three days, we took down and re-positioned the existing cam, added a new PTZ cam, cleaned up the solar panel area, added two radios and a couple of networked video recorders so plant staff could watch their eagles from the lunchroom again, threw in a

What’s on the Menu at Fort St. Vrain?

So what’s on the menu at Fort St. Vrain? While we were up in the nest, I decided to collect prey remains. We don’t have the necessary permits to take feathers (of which I found only two, both belonging to prey), but there were plenty of skulls and a few turtle shells. I got them home, laid them out on a table, and started ID’ing them. Some Moms bring home t-shirts and postcards. I bring home skulls and photos of