Videos: pole-vaulting sticks, nuzzling, net visitors!

In Decorah, Mom brings in a pole-vaulting stick. Although eggs are still about three months away, Mom and Dad work on the nest bowl together and do a little nuzzling under IR candlelight. Meanwhile, Mr. North eats with his mouth open (check out the size of that bite!) and a bluejay, pesky squirrels, and an intrepid crow all visit the nest – and the Norths! I really enjoyed all of these videos, but especially liked Mom and Dad Decorah under IR candlelight, all of the North squirrel videos, and the intrepid crow. We hope you enjoy the videos as much as we did!

Decorah Eagles

Mom’s Pole Vault Stick – Mom brings in one of her very long, straight sticks – definitely a good candidate for pole vaulting! It’s longer than the side of the nest, but she gets it balanced in place. Dad arrives at 3:55 and Mom heads for the Skywalk while Dad spreads some soft grasses and provides the finishing touches to Mom’s pole vaulting stick. Mom joins him again at 6:53 and does a little nest digging, getting her head surprisingly deep into the nest!

Eagle Kisses and Testing the Nestbowl – A short and very enjoyable video. Mom joins Dad in the nest at 50 seconds and the two work on the nestbowl side by side. Dad tests the nestbowl and Mom gives him some gentle nibbles. Dad responds with a few beaky kisses and Mom gets in some large nibbles near the end. The nest bowl looks warm and cozy!

Dad Hanging Out – Exactly what the title says! We gets some great close-ups of Dad hanging out on the Skywalk and preening.

Decorah North Eagles

BreakFish & Brave Squirrel – Mom North flies into the nest with what appears to be another adult bald eagle in pursuit. Dad? She vocalizes and an adult eagle flies in from the left and over the field. A sub-adult flies across the field from the right and circles around in front of the nest, over the pasture. Mom doesn’t relax until about 2 minutes, following some intense vocalizing around 1:38. While Mom North eats, the squirrel makes an appearance at 3:48. It spends some time looking at Mom North – maybe considering the location of its front door? – before the camera moves in on Mom North again. We get a nice close-up of her talons and white leg feathers at 5:47 before the camera pans out again. After a cut scene, the squirrel comes back to check out the nest!

Fly-in with Fish and Shoo Crow Shoo ––t0bXg. Mr. North wolfs down a fish – check out :54 for a look at the size of the chunk he’s gulping down! At 2:04, the camera pans out. Who’s sitting on the branch next to him, perhaps hoping for some scraps? A crow! The Mr. isn’t real happy when he notices at about 2:13, and chases the interloper out! The crow tries to return again at 2:21 and Dad rousts him one more time. He finishes his meal in peace and flies up to the ladder branch for some feaking and perching. We get a nice close-up starting around 4:01.

Blue Jay – I love seeing the other birds that show up at the North nest! A brightly colored blue jay explores the nest, at two points appearing to find some scraps!

Squirrel pinching bits of eagle’s nest – Take a look at where the squirrel is sitting. I suspect it’s nest isn’t far away! It is filching leaves and grass to line its nest, which appears to be located in the basement of Decorah North! Check the footage at 4:21 – the squirrel’s undertail is fiery red. I thought we might have two different squirrels until it lowered its tail, and was quite surprised at the difference. You can see it flip its tail over at 7:26.