What a year!

What a year it has been! Our banding season stretched from late May to early July this year, although a combination of black flies, hippoboscids, extreme weather, and reduced productivity caused our numbers to fall. In 2017, we banded 58 falcons at 22 sites as compared to 77 falcons at 25 sites in 2016. We also replaced cameras and microphones at many of our nests, started a new partnership with Explore to provide an ads-free stream of the Decorah Eagles, provided an online education-only chat to over 900 classrooms, filmed with Sustainable Driftless, Inc. and Untamed Science, started a new educational cam project with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and, thanks to a grant from Iowa’s Conservation Education Program, built a banding station (or, more accurately speaking, worked under the direction of Dave Noble to build a banding station) as part of a collaborative educational partnership with the Luther College Center for Sustainable Communities and Environmental Studies.

If you’d like to learn more about our banding season, our activities, and our goals for next year, follow this link to our 2017 banding report!