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DE Weekly Round-Up

Mom and Dad at N2B

Mom and Dad are busy working on N2B – with a side-trip to N1! As the solstice approaches, look for bursts of activity from Mom and Dad, especially on warm days, and continued eagle ‘flirting’ – pecking, brushing against one another, and tail touching. Although productive mating is very brief, eagles have been observed copulating ten months of the year and its something we are watching for at N2B. We are supposed to have a stretch of warm weather between

Decorah Eagle Calendars!

Decorah Eagles and Decorah Eagle North Calendars

Celebrate every day of the 2018 season with a look back at the 2017 Decorah Bald Eagles and the Decorah North Nest Bald Eagles with these beautiful calendars that benefit Raptor Resource Project! 2018 Decorah Bald Eagle Calendar — Photos were taken during 2017 of Mom and Dad Decorah, and D26, D27 and D28 eaglets/juveniles. Calendar contains egg laid, hatch, branch and fledge dates history of the Decorah Eaglets from 2011-2017. Sale proceeds benefit Raptor Resource Project. $19.99 2018

DE Weekly Round-Up

N2B on December 1st

Mom and Dad spent a lot of time this week working on the nest, although they won’t be present all of the time until she lays eggs in February. Some notable moments this week included: Rabbit Crow Squirrel: Dad eats a rabbit and a crow finishes up the leftovers Closeups of Mom: Closeups of Dad: Pesky sticks: The squirrel and Mom: Morning discussions: Stick placement, Beakerson’s moments: Birds that were spotted near N2B include an American Crow and a