Decorah Eagle Calendars!

Celebrate every day of the 2018 season with a look back at the 2017 Decorah Bald Eagles and the Decorah North Nest Bald Eagles with these beautiful calendars that benefit Raptor Resource Project!

2018 Decorah Bald Eagle Calendar — Photos were taken during 2017 of Mom and Dad Decorah, and D26, D27 and D28 eaglets/juveniles. Calendar contains egg laid, hatch, branch and fledge dates history of the Decorah Eaglets from 2011-2017.
Sale proceeds benefit Raptor Resource Project. $19.99

2018 Decorah North Bald Eagles — is the idyllic country nest in Decorah, Iowa with the pair known as Mr. & Mrs. North and eaglets DN4, DN5 and DN6. Images taken from live camera screenshots and include all milestone dates to remember from 2016-2017. Designed by Sherri Elliott.
Sale proceeds benefit the Raptor Resource Project. $19.99

Each link allows you to “preview” the calendar pages at a glance. Happy New Nest Year!! Thank you for following Raptor Resource Project and supporting our efforts.