Important: Decorah Eagles chat and stream, 2018 edition!

We have some exciting changes to our Decorah eagles stream and chat. As everyone here probably knows, we are currently streaming the Decorah Eagles ads-free on our website:, and at You no longer need to get a membership or install an ad-blocker to get an ads-free stream!

Although we will continue to stream to Ustream, we are moving moderated chat. We will have a couple of ‘goodbye Ustream chat’ flash chats at the week of January 22, along with three QA sessions that I will post as soon as the schedule is firmed up. We’ll move to practice chats at our website the week of January 29:

We’re also switching chat platforms! Our moderated and educational chats will be provided via chatroll. While guests can see moderated chat, they can’t participate unless they log in. There are three ways to log in:

We have more information here: We’ll also be pinning a QA thread to the top of Facebook later this week to help people through the move.

Are you a teacher? Our educational chat will continue to to take place at the same location it did last year: All you need to do is log into the classroom and you should be good to go!

Information about Decorah North will be provided next week!

Thanks, everyone – and we’re looking forward to chatting with you!