First egg of the year in Decorah!

Mom Decorah laid her first egg tonight at 7:28PM CT tonight! Congratulations to Mom and Dad on their incredible 30th egg! We’ll post video as we get it, along with more photos for everyone’s baby-eee books! Egg-citing times are ahead for both of our Decorah nests!

Pre-egg work
Decorah Dad brings Mom dinner, Mom readies the nursery:
Egg laying takes a lot of work and Mom and Dad seem to start preparations well in advance. Dad feeds Mom, who came to the nest shortly before dusk. He left and she stayed. It took over an hour – and plenty of sympathetic pushing and clicking by watchers – for her to lay her egg. During the first part of her wait, she moved around a little bit and fine-tuned the nest bowl. As she moved closer to laying, she became very still and settled over the egg cup. It was fascinating to see them prepare for laying, and Mom’s signs – shifting from foot to foot, hunching her back, and slight but visible lower abdominal contractions – were unmistakable.

Egg laying
The first egg arrives! Look at Mom’s back contractions and listen for her lovely soft chirps as she lays the first egg of 2018.