Nest news! Eggs, falcons, and more!

Decorah and Fort St. Vrain
As of 5:48PM CT last night, we had two eggs in Decorah! Mom laid her 31st egg on this territory in a cold, drizzly rained that turned to snow as she slept. This makes three eggs at Fort St. Vrain and two in Decorah. If Mom lays another egg (she tends to lay three eggs), it will most likely come on February 28. Her first and second eggs tend to be two to three days apart (with three being more common), and her second and third eggs tend to be four days apart. We are predicting the first hatch on March 25 at Fort St. Vrain, and on April 1st in Decorah, although we could be wrong! We’ve got videos over on the Decorah Eagles page, under the videos tab, but here are two: Decorah Egg#1 and Decorah Egg#2! Thanks to John Howe for his excellent camera work!

Decorah North
We’re still waiting for egg #1 at Decorah North. We’ll keep everyone posted!

Falcons have started returning to our sites! Our first falcon was spotted on February 15th at Xcel Energy Sherco, and we spotted a falcon at Great Spirit Bluff on February 23rd! Please let us know if you get a band number! Video:

Thanks to everyone who was able to contribute to our first egg fundraiser on Friday! We couldn’t do it without your help and support!