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Hatch has begun!

Pip pip hooray! We are in the late stages of hatch and looking forward to seeing D29. Join us over on our website at while we wait! #HatchWatch Egg-talking: and Listen for tiny vocalizations coming from inside the shell! Mom talks to her eggs: Mom issues four gentle, encouraging ‘clucks’ at 7:04 in this video. Altricial birds hatch unable to see. Vocalizations between parents and emerging hatchlings helps imprint hatchlings on their parents and provides an aural guide to Mom and Dad’s location.

Nest News

Happy Friday, everyone! We didn’t see a hatch or hatch window at Decorah today, but Michelle laid her first egg, we saw a acrobatic fly-in copulation at Great Spirit Bluff, the Fort Saint Vrain cameras are back online, and Mr. and Mrs. North keep us hoping for another egg! Thanks to our camera operators and video makers for finding and sharing special moments, and to all of you for watching! I loved all of these videos, but you should check

First Egg at Great Spirit Bluff!

Michelle laying her first egg of the season at Great Spirit Bluff

Michelle laid her first egg this morning at 8:09 AM CT:! This is her eighth year at Great Spirit Bluff, and her third clutch with unbanded male Newman. Although Michelle has tended to lay eggs deep in the wee hours of the morning, she laid her first egg at 7:48am back in 2014 – another cold, dry year that was even later than this one! If she follows her usual pattern, she will lay eggs two and three about two

Hatch Watch at Xcel Fort St. Vrain!

2018: Three eggs at Xcel Fort St. Vrain

On hatch watch at Xcel Fort St. Vrain! Listen for an eaglet talking through its shell! So what happens right before hatch? The rapidly growing embryo is taking up nearly all the space in the egg. It has turned so that its head is at the large end of the egg next to the air space, pierced the internal membrane, and is breathing air with its lungs. It is taking the yolk sac into its body through its abdomen as it

Loss of the North Egg

03/16/18: Lone egg at Decorah North fails

Written by Sherri Elliott Dear Friends, We are deeply saddened to report that the one egg at Decorah North Nest laid on February 25th was lost on Friday in the early morning hours. Mrs North had gotten up for a change of position and the egg was already stuck to her chest, indicating that it had been crushed or collapsed, and the contents were oozing out. Clearly, there was something wrong with the shell, but we are uncertain yet at

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