Nest news: Eagles, eggs, falcons, and D27 on the move!

Decorah Eagles
Mom laid egg number three last night at 6:36 PM CT! The arrival of her third egg heralds the end of egg-laying, and the beginning of eaglet anticipation! We’re predicting a first hatch on April 1st and we’re trying to get a glimpse of all three eggs behind Mom and Dad’s Great Wall. While it has been warm, winter is not over yet! Mom and Dad are both piling up and pulling in husks and grasses to help insulate and shelter their eggs.

Decorah North Eagles
Finally! Watchers know that Mrs. North laid an egg on Sunday, February 25, at 11:04 PM. We’re waiting to see whether she produces another egg. She has been copulating regularly, which is a good sign. Her laying schedule is much less predictable than that of Mom Decorah and Ma Fort St. Vrain, and we’re going to wait a bit to issue a hatch prediction.

Xcel Fort St. Vrain Eagles
Ma and Pa FSV are deep into incubation. This pair laid egg #1 very early this year, and we’re predicting hatch on March 24 or 25. We’re also keeping our talons crossed for relatively pleasant weather. While Ma and Pa are great parents, heavy wet snow has been an issue for this nest before.

Falcons, falcons, everywhere!

Falcons are coming back all over the place! We’ve seen a falcon or falcons at Great Spirit Bluff, Xcel Energy Sherco (our first site this year!), Xcel Energy King, Xcel Energy Prairie Island, Dairyland Power Genoa, and Great River Energy. Thanks to everyone who is trying to get band numbers and keeping an eye on our sites off line and off! We’ll be on the river this weekend. Males will be wailing and flying for females, who will be wailing right back. We often see energetic tail-wagging flights and some serious tail-feather kicking as males prove their prowess. Look now – once full incubation starts, falcons seem to vanish from the cliffs they are nesting on.

D27 is on the move!
Wow! She skipped Davenport and Lock and Dam 15 altogether and is currently up in the Maquoketa area. She traveled 62 miles in three days – quite an accomplishment for an eagle we were starting to think of as a real homebody! We have the latest coordinates and map at Thanks to Brett Mandernack for the great news!