Another pip in Decorah, falcon eggs, first-egg fundraiser!

Our sharp-eyed mods and watchers spotted a pip in the second egg at Decorah this morning! Video here (and don’t miss D29 biting Mom’s feathers):

The spring egg flood is here, with eggs at Great Spirit Bluff, Dairyland Power Genoa, US Bank La Crosse (this nest can be watched from a monitor in the bank’s lobby), Great River Energy, and Bay State Milling! We’re still waiting for first eggs at Xcel Energy’s King plant and we hope to have Xcel Sherco fixed this week. I suspect we’ll see an egg or two once we do! Other than US Bank, these cams can be watched on our website. Either click BirdCams in the menu, or follow this link:

We’ll be holding our first hatch fundraiser tomorrow (although we could have two hatches by then). Come chat with us here: