A second clutch for the Decorah North eagles!

Mrs. North thrilled us at 3:20 CT this afternoon with a second egg! Some are saying it’s a miracle, but we’re just saying it’s an Eggstraordinarially Eggsceptional Day!! While Mr. and Mrs. North continued copulating and working on the nest after her first egg broke on March 16, we had started to write off any chance of another egg. Mrs. North was about halfway through incubation when egg #1 broke and was well past her suggested due date of March 30. I have never been so happy to be wrong! We wish nothing but the best to the North’s and their second egg – although this is technically a first egg in a second clutch!

Mrs North Lays An Egg, Incredible: https://youtu.be/x0xWUL-n1hw

On the confusion couch? Us too! Here’s a 2018 timeline:

  • Week of February 18: We start looking for eggs at both Decorah nests. The Norths have been copulating regularly and she laid her first egg on February 19 in 2017. Mrs. North appears to be ready to lay several times, but does not. DNN followers (I’m looking at you, Sherri Elliott, but you aren’t the only one) start losing sleep!
  • February 23rd: No egg yet. Mrs. North is observed vomiting in the nest. We start to worry about her. Why hasn’t she laid an egg yet? Why is she vomiting?
  • February 25th: Mrs. North lays egg #1 at 11:04PM. We start watching for eggs #2 and 3, but she doesn’t lay any more eggs in her first clutch.
  • March 16: Egg #1 breaks in the wee hours.
  • Mr. and Mrs. North continue to copulate and nestorate throughout the rest of March.
  • March 30: The suggested reclutch date comes and goes with no new egg. We begin discussing the possibility that Mrs. North might not reclutch this year, although she and Mr. North keep working on it and Robin catches a very clear capture of her brood patch – an indicator that her body is still ready for eggs.
  • April 9: Despite the copulation and the brood patch, we start discussing the possibility that no new eggs are coming. Later that evening, Mrs. North appears very ready to lay an egg. We hold off on any announcements and order a larger confusion couch!
  • April 12: Mrs. North reclutches, laying the first egg of clutch two 46 days after she laid the first egg of clutch one, and 27 days after that egg failed!