Nest News: Finally, a good look at D29, a blog on bald eagle tongues, videos from Decorah and Xcel FSV!

Finally! Some much appreciated warm weather got the eaglets out from under Mombrella and Poptent on April 11. While there was a lot to like about nest goings-on, two moments really stood out for us. Do not miss D29 taking a sunny snooze just outside the egg cup! We can clearly see its emerging thermal down, growing clown clompers (note that D29’s feet and legs are well on their way to yellow), and clear tiny talons. If you’d like to take a look at the difference that a week makes, be sure to watch the Xcel Fort St. Vrain videos we listed as well. The second moment? Check out the morning feeding! Beak battles are decreasing in frequency as the eaglets grow. Babylet battling decreases in part because a pecking order is established pretty quickly, and in part because beak battles become more risky once jousters have the skill and strength to deliver serious blows. It’s nice to see the eaglets enjoying a peaceful, easy feeding on a misty warm morning!
Curious about eagle tongues? Check out our latest blog: Bald eagle tongues!
Decorah Eagles
4/11/18: Dad close-ups – The eaglets can’t get all the attention! Wonderful close-ups of Dad’s face and some very nice scenes of the nest.
4/11/18: D29 Out Of Nest Cup, Lil Escapee! Mom and Dad are keeping a tight lid on the eaglets during a unusually cold spring, but we finally got some warm weather today and D29 spent some time in the sun! We got fantastic close-ups of D29’s body, emerging thermal down, growing feet, and adorable tiny clear talons. It was relaxing and lovely to see D29’s sunny snooze in the nest!
4/11/18: Eaglet closeups – A short but extremely sweet video (cute overload!) with closeups starting at 55 seconds.
4/11/18: Dad’s Strange Present-AM Feeding-Mom in the Maple Tree – Dad brings Mom a – what the heck is that? It appears to be (after a lot of video reviewing) an old cornhusk/stalk! Nice views of Mom in the maple, feeding, and Dad nestorating and brooding some rowdy squirming eaglets!
4/11/18: An orderly and bonk free breakfast for Decorah Eagles! Awwww – what a really beautiful breakfast! Mom feeds the eaglets in lovely early morning light. We see little heads, small flapping wings, what looks like D29 passing gas, and an expert defeathering by Mom! The weather is (finally!) warm, food is abundant, and everyone plays nicely! As John says, it’s an easy, peaceful feeding (by the Decorah eagles!).
Fort St. Vrain
4/11/18: FSV chick bites Mom’s tail – the FSV eaglets turned 19, 18, and 16 on April 11. check out the difference that roughly one week makes at this stage – and don’t miss an eaglet (I think it is FSV36?) biting Mom’s tail!
4/11/18: Dad chases the mouse – No mouse allowed in the house! Eagle nests attract nice – they are full of safe nesting spaces, guarded by eagles that keep serious mouse predators away, and filled with food. But Dad isn’t interested, thank you very much!