Friday night videos!

It’s time for Friday night at the movies!  We have videos from Decorah, Decorah North, and GSB. At Decorah, we have the return of Cropzilla, messy-faced eaglets are too full to beak battle, we get a little Mombrella peek-a-boo, and Mom sounds the alarm! At GSB, Michelle meets a…groundhog? If you asked me about animals that falcons would be likely to encounter, whistlepigs would not be on the list! At Decorah North, Mr. and Mrs. North work very hard to protect their egg from inclement weather. Did I mention that we have an eaglet development blog? Thanks so much for watching with us and happy, happy Fri-yay!
Beaks and Tongues: OK, we already posted this, but we added a lot more information earlier today. Eagle beaks and tongues are far more sensitive than I ever suspected!
Decorah Eagles
4/12/18: Feeding and eaglets’ crops are huge – Wet wipes and messy faces! D29, 30, and 31 are lined up very nicely for a feeding. Babylet battling? No way – the eaglets are almost too full to move! Check 3:21 to see how good they’ve become at tracking Mom and Dad! From left to right: D29, D31, and D30. This was really a cute video! I loved how nicely Mom fed the already crop-flopped eaglets in a warm and sunny nest!
4/12/18: Good morning, little one – Start at about 25 seconds to see an eaglet pop up from under Mombrella! We get a couple of repeats in a very cute video as D29  plays beak-a-boo in Mom’s feathers. Look over to the right for a view of the Poopcasso tree, which is becoming covered in whitewash as the eaglets become more proficient poopers!
4/12/18: Mom goes on alert~once for a mouse – At around 40 seconds, Mom responds to something we hear but don’t see. She calls Dad and he responds, but she keeps tracking something up above the nest. At 4:30 she starts paying attention to a mouse in the house, with a full wing-flap at 4:57. Mice begone!
Decorah North Eagles
4/13/18: The Norths weathering the storms – Winter – go away! Mrs, and Mr. North are really working hard to protect their lone egg from the weather. Their dedication is amazing and inspiring. We so hope this egg hatches!
4/13/18: Quick change – This is amazing! Check out how Mom and Dad North deal with cold rain to protect their egg. Mom is pancaked in the nest and mantled over the egg. She doesn’t move until Dad is ready to take over. He moves in on it 18 seconds later, giving it just enough time to breathe before he covers it. Go Norths!
Great Spirit Bluff
4/12/18: Groundhog visit Michelle – Put two unlikely animals together. When would a falcon meet a groundhog? At the top of GSB. Punxsutawney Phil – err, GSB Phil – is noodling around on top of the bluff while Michelle watches. This is interesting to me because he is on a very small terrace. The cliff at GSB is a steep slope, a maybe 7 foot face, a tiny terrace, and the big drop. I don’t think the tiny terrace has enough habitat to feed GSB Phil, so I would tend to assume he or she is climbing a cedar to get here. We’ll pick John’s brain about it.