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Eaglet deaths at Decorah North

We are sorry to announce that both eaglets at the Decorah North nest died yesterday. To recap: Mrs. North laid one egg on February 25. That egg broke on March 16th, but she reclutched on April 12th, laying one egg on the 12th and another egg on the 15th. DN7 hatched on May 18th and DN8 hatched on April 20th. Why did the eaglets die? As we learned last year at Great Spirit Bluff, blackflies carry a pathogen that overwhelms


05.17.18 - Tweenagers!

Story and cap by Sherri Elliott Decorah Eaglets ~ 6 Week Tweenagers! The eaglets are at the 6-week mark and we’re seeing some remarkable changes in appearance, behaviors, independence, socialization, and development. Fledge is normally at 10-13 weeks, so we are about at the halfway mark. Historically fledge at Decorah is about at the 78-day mark, although it’s been as early as 74 days to as late as 86 days. Our eaglets are in the ‘tween’ stage from clumsy clown

Day Trip to Decorah

05.06.18 - Day Trip to Decorah

5-6-18 ~ Day Trip to Decorah Story, photos & video by Robin Brumm Sunday was supposed to be a perfect day, sunny with an occasional cloud floating by, and temperatures in the low 70’s. Hmm what should I do? Yep, off to Decorah I went. I drove up to the hatchery and automatically looked to the maple tree. It was a sad to not see Dad perched there, but I know Mom, the eaglets, myself, and all their followers now

Videos: Decorah Eagles, hatch at GSB!

5.10.18 - second hatchling at GSB

Wow! We had our second hatch at GSB and a full day of playing, exploring, preening, nibbling, and pecking in Decorah! I enjoyed all of the Decorah videos, and do not miss the hatch at GSB! Go straight to 2:14 in the GSB video to see one of the best looks at a newly hatched falcon that I have ever seen! Have a great night, everyone – Friday is almost here! Decorah Eagles 05/10/18: Mom, D31 tug-o-war – Wow, look at

Hatch has started at Great Spirit Bluff!

05.07.18 - Hatch starts at Great Spirit Bluff

Hatch has started at Great Spirit Bluff! You can watch at Explore: or our website: Hatch can take as long as 24 hours, although falcons often seem to go a little faster than that. We’ll be talking to everyone live from the top of Great Spirit Bluff on Wednesday, May 9! Click here for more details: Stay tuned!

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