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Gaining flight skills, ground reports from Decorah!

Heraldic pose by the creek

Written by Sherri Elliott Hip, Hip, Hooray … Another Fun Decorah Day! Remember when summer vacation came and you’d leave the house in the morning and not return til supper and have the best fun ever with your siblings and friends? Well, it’s sort of like that for the eaglets now after fledge, but between the fun of flying and perching and exploring their territory, they are also learning their lessons in Outdoor School. We might not always see them

Outdoor School!

Decorah Eagle Fledgling on Y-Branch

Written by Sherri Elliott Are you seeing the empty nest and thinking the season is over? Au Contraire … it’s just beginning for the Decorah Fledglings as they start Outdoor School! While we may not see them all the time, Mom does, and they know where she is too as she takes different vantage spots to keep an eye on them and teach them the skills they will need becoming more independent over the next 6-8 weeks before they finally

New American Kestrel Cam!

062018: Three downy American Kestrels

We are so excited to announce a new partnership and a new cam! You can watch American Kestrels live on our website at or on Cornell’s website at We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! The young birds began hatching out of their eggs on June 14th, and the remaining egg in the nest is unlikely to hatch at this point. Over the next 3-4 weeks the nestlings will transform from downy bobbleheads to sleek,

Whatta day – D30 is home!

06/20/18: The Tree Amigos!

Whatta Day ~ D30 Is Home! At approximately 11:55AM CT, the newest member of Decorah’s Raptor Force found its way home to the natal nest to reunite with its siblings! We’ll have more details as they become available from any of our ground site observers, but as is often the case, and as we saw last year with D27, they manage to make continual small flights from branch to branch to get back where they belong. D30 made a strong

We have a fledge!

D30 fledges!

Whoops! Some fledges are intentional and others are accidental! An eaglet – we believe it to be D30 based on the lineup – fledged this afternoon at about 2:55pm when it fell from the Skywalk. It is currently perched in a tree right next to the N2B nest tree, and SuperMom is keeping a close eye on things! While we might not be ready for fledge, D30 is 74 days old – on the young side, but still old enough

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