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Storm Topples North Nest

Decorah North Nest: after and before the storm

We are very sorry to announce that the Decorah North Nest fell last night during a storm. We visited the nest today to assess the damage and look for Mr. and Mrs. North. Somewhat to our surprise, there were no freshly broken branches or limbs at the base of the tree or beneath the fallen nest. Given the high wind gusts and lashing rain that accompanied last night’s storm, we think that the wind blew the nest’s supporting branches off-kilter.

D27 is on the move!

D27's Travel Map to August 12, 2018

D27 is on the move! She flew 312.8 miles SE between August 8th and August 12th, moving with some urgency (Brett’s words) from Magiss to Buckingham Lake. Broken down by day, her journey looks like this: 8/8/2018 | 114.7 miles | 14 hours and 58 minutes 8/9/2018 | 71.6 miles | 3 hours 8/10/2018 | 4.3 miles | N/A 8/11/2018 | 89.2 miles | 6 hours 8/12/2018 | 33 miles | 6 hours She traveled for a total of roughly

After The Fledge 2018: Thanks and video links!

ATF Tent 2018

By John Howe Each year since I started attending After The Fledge, the get-together for Decorah Eagles fans and family has gotten better! On behalf of RRP, I want to extend a huge thanks to everyone who participated, and to all of the family of friends who support our work. It was wonderful to put faces to names and see friends old and new over the long weekend. I need to issue a very special thank you to our hard-working

When will the eaglets disperse?

Fledgling Decorah eaglet at dusk

So how long is it until the eaglets disperse? While we’ve been enjoying the DDDarlings, they’ve been learning how to fly, land, hunt, steal, chase, and navigate. But at some point, exploration will stop and dispersal begin. Sometimes dispersal is obvious. On August 13 2011, Diva D1 left Decorah, flying north 14 miles toward the Iowa/Minnesota border. By September 6, she was 262 miles north of the nest. She turned south and came back to Decorah, arriving back in NE

Birds Threatened By Proposed Rollback Of Endangered Species Act Protections

Michelle at Great Spirit Bluff

The U.S. Department of the Interior is currently proposing to roll back endangered and threatened species protections in three critical areas. Their changes will roll back habitat protection for endangered and threatened species, allow take of threatened species, and weaken the role that biological assessment and science play in listing decisions. The public has until September 24 to comment on these changes. We’ve put together a blog on the proposed changes, their impact, and how to comment. You can find

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