After The Fledge 2018: Thanks and video links!

By John Howe

Each year since I started attending After The Fledge, the get-together for Decorah Eagles fans and family has gotten better! On behalf of RRP, I want to extend a huge thanks to everyone who participated, and to all of the family of friends who support our work. It was wonderful to put faces to names and see friends old and new over the long weekend. I need to issue a very special thank you to our hard-working moderators, volunteers, and Fledge organizer Pagent. From a last-minute meet and greet venue change to kayaking, biking, greeting, and dinner, you guys made everything work. You rock!

For anyone who missed the event, we have some videos and photos of the Saturday and Sunday presentations and events. Enjoy these summary videos and photos – and save the date (July 18 – 21, 2019) for next year’s After the Fledge!

RRP Update –
This Sat. July 21 presentation at Luther College pays tribute to Dad & Mom Decorah with an overview of the 2018 nesting season and eaglets D29, D30, D31. A summary of the Decorah North season, our first year of kestrels on cam, as well as a look back at our other nest sites, field work, classroom programs and other projects.

Dad Decorah Celebration with Neil Rettig
Dad Decorah Celebration –
Dad Decorah Tribute Videos from RRP YouTube page –
Following the RRP update we were treated to Neil’s story of how the Decorah Eagles came to be. At the end of this video, we also get to see the first tribute video we watched by Ulli Reiner, but also watched several other beautiful tribute videos that are posted on the RRP YouTube site. Be sure to look them over and re-connect with Dad Decorah.

On the River
Sunday was an amazing end to the event! We spent the afternoon with Robert Vavra – Captain of the Maiden Voyage and Jon Stravers and Sophia Landis of Big Blue Sky. Robert’s knowledge of the river paired with the music of Big Blue Sky was a great combination. Jon and Robert shared details of river history and bird activity and habitat along the river tour.

You may notice that Jon is wearing an RRP shirt. He helps operate our Fall migration banding station with RRP’s master bander Dave Kester at Luther College’s Hawk Hill.