Decorah: Mom, DM, Sightings

What’s going on in Decorah? Watchers know that eagle sightings are few and far between this time of the year. This is pretty normal – eagles in the Midwest are often more loosely bound to their nests and territories in late summer and early fall, which is one of the reasons we chose it for camera work.
DM is still in the area. While he hasn’t been seen near N2B, he has been seen perched near and flying by N1  He’s clearly still interested in Mom and her territory, but will she commit? And if she does, will the two move back into N2B, rebuild N1, or build a new nest somewhere else on their property? Time will tell! Mom hasn’t been comfortable with DM near N2B, although she has perched with him elsewhere. We’ll see if that continues three or four weeks from now, and we’re taking daily screenshots of both nests to look for signs of any nest building activity. Here are a couple of videos from Tulsa that show recent activity near N1:
  • 09/10/18: Vocals, fly-in to N1 tree, flight across creek:
  • 09/07/18: DM on the Y on September 7 DM flies in around 1:24 and vocalizes. We hear a brief response around 1:44.
  • Ginger from our forum posted the eagle version of ‘Where’s Waldo’ a couple of days ago. Can you find the eagle in this picture?
Can you find the eagle in this picture?