The Decorah Eagles and GSB falcons are leaving Ustream!

After seven wonderful years, the Decorah Eagles and GSB Falcons will be leaving Ustream/IBM Video. You will still be able to watch both cams at our website ( and and at ( and

Why are we leaving? IBM Video will begin charging for streaming and storage this month. Since we are able to offer an ads-free secure video stream via our website and, we decided it was time to leave. Many thanks to all of you for chatting and watching with us over the years at Ustream. If you haven’t followed us over yet, we hope you will soon! Thank you also to the Ustream crew for their help and friendship over the years and a special shout-out to Brad Hunstable, Alden Fertig, Ruby Tugade, Jeff Irwin, and Ramon Cabarrubia for their support.