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Where is D27?

D27 Map from Brett Mandernack

Where is eaglet D27? As watchers know, she isn’t too far from home! Brett’s last reading put her just five miles from the hatchery, but she was sitting almost right next to N2B on the evening of the 19th! We had more than one visitor that day and the next morning, but we haven’t seen a transmitter on anyone yet. We’ll keep everyone posted! To explore the travels of all of the eagles we’ve tracked, visit our interactive maps page

Who’s on N2B? Welcome to the Confusion Couch!

Eagle Heads

Welcome to the Confusion Couch! Many of our followers are asking “Who is that eagle?” after watching the Decorah and Decorah North nests this week. In Decorah, an adult male eagle that we’ve been calling DM isn’t DM (or Dad – sorry, everyone!). And we can’t decide who we’re seeing ar Decorah North. Is that Mr. and Mrs. North, or are we seeing somebody else? Let’s start with Decorah. We originally thought that DM came to N2B a couple of