Video Round-up: Decorah, Decorah North, Flyway Cam!

We are getting a lot of comments about UME-2 now that Mom seems to have accepted him as her new mate. While many bald eagle behaviors are instinctual, eagles can and do learn. We’ve seen the adults at both Decorah nests get better at feeding eaglets, hunting, fishing, and placing sticks, and we’ve seen fledgling eaglets learning to fly and hunt from their parents and from one another. Just as Mom learned from Dad, UME-2 will learn from Mom. We’ll be watching UME-2 with a great deal of interest this year as he learns to become a better mate, builder, and provider!

Decorah Eagles

10/30/18: Gorgeous Mom, pellet at 7:17 – Wonderful views of the horses, Mom near N1, and a pellet casting! What is a pellet? Solid bits of indigestible material are squeezed into a pellet in an eagle’s gizzard, covered with mucus, and cast back up out of its mouth.

10/30/18: N2B-Lover’s Quarrel – Beak kisses or Beakerson’s moment? This looks like the later! I found the footage at 1:37 especially fascinating as both eagles stand up tall, spread their wings, and appear to engage! Mom appears to be supervising UME-2 very closely as he moves material around N2B. The two alternately work together and ‘discuss’ nestorations before UME-2 flies away at about 4:13.

10/30/18: N2B-Super Fly-in-Super Stick – This video opens up with a very cool fly-in as UME-2 brings in a large stick – which proceeds to fledge off the nest as he tries to place it! Mom joins him at 2:51 before UME-2 goes up the Skywalk. Note that the two spend a fair amount of time in close proximity to one another as they work. Working on the nest together, brushing feathers, and gentle beak nibbles all help deepen the pair bond.

Decorah North Eagles

10/30/18: Eagles mating – And to think we didn’t used to watch for this until much later in the season! We are thrilled to have eagles here and active again!

10/29/18: Adult spent the night – A nice look at one of the North eagles under IR light. While we still haven’t made a determination on who exactly we are watching, both eagles here have been active in their starter nest, we’ve seen copulation on the love branch, and local owls have given them a hard time at least once at night.

Flyway Cam

10/30/18: Bald eagle enjoying a bath – Splish-splash – it’s bathtime in the Mississippi River! Look for a cool pelican flyby at 13:08.