November 3rd Video Round-up!

Mom and UME-2 on November 2ndHappy Saturday, everyone! Tonight’s videos are all about the Decorah Eagles! Mom and UME-2 have a discussion, cornstalks and sticks come into the nest, UME-2 works on the nest bowl (!), and we get some nice close-ups.

We’re getting emails on UME-2’s moniker (Unknown Male Eagle #2). Will we change it? I don’t have a timeline, but he won’t be unknown forever! Thank you so much to our camera operators and video makers for taking time out of their Saturdays to share the eagles with us. Don’t forget to check out the Flyway cam right now – migration won’t last forever, and there is plenty to see right now (including Tundra Swans):…/upper-mississippi-onalask…/.

11/3/18: Mom, UME interaction on N2B – Is anyone else mezmerized by the cornhusks coming into the nest? There are plenty of grasses in the area but, like Dad, UME-2 prefers to bring in husks. We’ve talked about their insulative value (excellent) but they are also plentiful and very easy to grab and lift! I also enjoyed Mom flying into the nest (1:48) and her subsequent interaction with UME-2. Don’t forget – this is Mom’s nest!

11/3/18: Morning nestorations 11 03 2018 – This is a longer video, so watch the whole thing or look for favorite moments. I loved 9:11 (UME-2 tests the nest bowl!), 11:04 (eagle swap), 14:02 (super cool fly-in, side by side nest work), 14:54 (fly-out), 18:48 (cool fly-in and side by side nest work!). UME-2’s scraping seems a little clumsy at first, but he gets the beak lever technique about halfway through!

11/2/18: Beautiful Closeups Of UME-2 & Mom –