Mom and UME-2

We asked our lead Decorah Eagles Chat and Facebook mods for their favorite methods of telling Mom and UME-2 apart. I don’t know about all of you, but I sometimes struggle with it, especially at a distance. I compiled their feedback into the image below.

Mom and UME-2

A few of them also added vocals (UME-2 has softer vocals than Mom), and Sherri mentioned UME-2’s long, zig-zaggy collar, large feet, and very long middle toe – something I hadn’t noticed!

Jfrancl mentioned both of these videos as providing particularly good examples, and we’re hoping to put together a video of our own! Thanks, everyone!


While I’m impressed with UME-2’s enthusiasm for nestorations, I do miss Dad’s whittling! We’ll have to see if he picks it up at some point.