Decorah, Decorah North, and Flyway video round-up!

What a Tuesday! The warm weather had Mom and UME-2 piling N2B high with stick after cornhusk after stick. Why do we see them some days and not others during this time of the year? Part of an eagle’s adaptation to cold weather involves saving energy, so they often hunker down in sheltered spots and minimize activity during cold weather. But on a nice sunny day with warm weather…look out for those sticks! Also, do not miss UME-2 briefly riding a stick pony at the end of the Decorah video list, or the really lovely video of the male and female at Decorah North working in a frosty winter wonderland nest! We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we did, and thank you so much to the camera operators and video makers who bring our nests to life!

December 11: An hour of nestwork!

11am stick work: I was pretty impressed with the size of some of these sticks and the nice fly-in at the beginning of the video. Watch at left around 3:25 for a basement visitor. Mom notices right away and keeps a sharp eye on the little bird!

11:40am More husks and sticks: Some sticks, some corn husks, and some beaky kisses. Beakerson’s or beaking? It can sometimes be hard to tell, but I thought her nips at 5:24 looked more like beaking.

11:55 Nest work continues: The video opens with a little lumberjacking by Mom! UME-2 quickly flies in with another stick and the stick tango begins! It was very fun watching UME-2 struggle to get the stick into place, although after about the second minute Mom seemed more concerned with something outside the nest.

12/9/18: Ride ‘Um UME-2 – I feel a little bad we didn’t share this earlier – UME-2 riding his stick pony is pretty funny! I was also extremely impressed by all the work done to N2B. UME-2 may have a lot to learn about some things, but he is clearly enthusiastic about nestorations!

Decorah North Eagles

12/10/18: They work together – From the lovely frosty winter wonderland to the close ups of the male and female and the brief cornhusk tug-o-war, there is a lot to like in this video!

12/10/18; SA, female, and the chase – This is a short and cool video. It starts with the female eating over on the Love Branch, cuts to a hungry sub-adult watching over on the pasture branch, and ends with a chase!

Mississippi River Flyway Cam

12/11/18: Winter is here (along with a beautiful sunset)! But compare and contrast with this video taken just 13 days ago: We used to think that birds migrated primarily because of cold, but some very tiny seed-eating birds live in the north year-long. As the water seals over with ice and the woods and fields fill up with snow, birds that depend on them must move south. A lovely and shivery cold video!