Nestflix at Decorah and Decorah North

Time to chill with some Nestflix! In Decorah, we get amazing views of Mom, a sticky dance (this is a very fun video!), and a shared meal with an interesting UFO. At Decorah North, we get a wonderfully cool slow-motion fly-out and a very nice look at everyday nest life in a winter wonderland. We hope you like these videos as much as we did!

Decorah Eagles

12/13/18: Gorgeous Mom Decorah – Wow! A must-see for all Super-Mom fans. She is beautiful!

12/13/18: Hilarious stick dance at Decorah Eagles – It’s time to dance – the Mamushka (! High speed sticky fun as Mom and UME-2 twirl around N2B with a stick between them.

12/12/18: UME-2 brings prey to the nest, leaves it for Mom – This is cute! UME-2 brings prey into the nest. Instead of eating it, he stands on it and looks around. He takes just a couple of nibbles and stands by it once more before leaping up the Skywalk. Mom flies in to a nice meal waiting for her at the bottom of the nest! I am very curious about what exactly this is! Check 7:11, when Mom briefly picks it up. It looks flat and thin. A large flat trout flake, perhaps? #FishFood

Decorah North Eagles

12/13/18: Visits – 24 minutes of action at the North nest, including fly-ins, nestorations (somebirdy must have brought in a red or pin oak branch since there are dried oak leaves in the nest), close-ups, and nest bowl testing by the female at 11:27 (check 11:29 for some great footage). A beautiful view in a winter wonderland!

12/12/18: Off she goes – This is a short clip of the female taking off from the north nest – first regular speed and then slo-mo. She spreads her wings, hunches down, and leaps into the air with a powerful downward stroke. As she works to gain altitude, her legs and feet angle down on the upstroke, causing her to clip a branch on her way out of the nest. This is a very cool look at eagle flight. I also slowed the slo-mo, and it looked very cool!