2018 Memory Lane #1: Decorah Eagles Incubation Standoff

I went to our moderators and asked them for their favorite moments from our nests. They came back with all sorts of memories: touching, happy, sad, inspirational, and things I would never have thought of. We’ll be counting them down as we approach the new year!

Moment #1: March 6th, 2018. Incubation stand-off!

Full video here: https://youtu.be/jvuBEl6UI_4. It’s believed that female eagles incubate at night because their larger size makes them more cold-tolerant. Whatever the reason, Dad didn’t always want to get off the eggs – as he shows us in this clips. Thanks to Sherri Elliott for sharing this moment. I’m enjoying a stroll down memory lane with all of our volunteers. If you’d like to share a favorite memory, please go to our Facebook page or forum!