January 14, 2019: Nestflix with the Decorah Eagles!

Nestflix! Tonight’s stars: Mom and DM2. Relatively warm weather and increasing daylight length and intensity have both of them busy with nestorations, stick delivery, and bonding. We usually have specific recommendations, but I loved every one of these videos. Watch them all the way through our pick your favorite moments! Thanks so much to our camera operators and video makers for finding and sharing special moments with all of us!
Decorah Eagles
1/14/19: Mom closeups, flight to nearby tree – https://youtu.be/KGZnt3DNN7k. Wow! Fans of Super Mom will love this! Watch from the beginning or skip straight to 1:06 for wonderful close-ups of Mom! She flies out – also very cool – at 2:34 to a nearby branch, and the camera operator gives us a great look at her and at DM2 to the Skywalk Branch before switching to Mom at 3:06. Look for beak feaking at 3:27.
1/14/19: 1pm DM2 closeups, and a mini-shimmy – https://youtu.be/GdjUZz02TB8. Wonderful close-ups and a great look at the nestbowl! Mom and DM2 are shredding husks, fluffing the nestbowl, and piling it high! With all of the nesting material (and presumably corn kernels), it isn’t surprising we’re seeing mice and squirrels filch from the nest.
1/13/19: DM2’s breakfast and uninvited guest – https://youtu.be/cqmYofGD0GM. Watch all the way through or jump to 7:28 to see the unexpected guest. I was quite surprised! Was the crow keeping an eye on DM2? Hoping for some scraps? Taking shelter from something more dangerous than an eagle? If it wanted scraps, why was it vocalizing? We’re going to ask some crow people about this!
1/12/19: Mom Mounts DM-2, Nestorations&Cheeky Beaky – https://youtu.be/pwicV2mqutc. We trying not to count our eggs before they are laid, or worry about whether they will be laid, so I find this very reassuring! I also want to point out Mom’s feet at 35 seconds. It you look, you’ll see they are a little balled up, her toes are loose, and she has at least one toe up. Mom isn’t looking to inflict damage or hurt DM2, and all of their behavior: copulation and dominance displays, mutual nestorations, perching together, tandem nest defense, and even Beakerson’s moments, point to a strong bond between the two of them.
1/12/19: Mom not happy with company in the tree – https://youtu.be/j1ymfD9KtQE. A juvenile bald eagle tries to perch next to Mom in the maple and she is none too happy about it!