When do we expect eggs in Decorah and at Decorah North?

So when are we looking for eggs in Decorah and at Decorah North?

In Decorah: Mom laid her first egg last year on February 2/21/18, at 7:28 PM CT. But new mate DM2 could push her schedule a little later.

At Decorah North: We have no laying history on DNF whatsoever, but Mom Decorah and Ma FSV laid their first eggs ever in early March. Our best guess is late February or early March, but we’ve been wrong before!

It takes approximately two days for an eagle to lay an egg once her yolk is fertilized, so look for eagles at both sites to become more lethargic and increase nest time as they gain water and become gravid with eggs. Tick-tock, everyone…the egg clock will soon be ticking!