3rd Egg at Xcel Energy Fort St. Vrain!

02/20/19: Ma FSV with three eggs

Ma FSV with three eggs on February 20, 2019

Congratulations to Ma and Pa FSV on their third egg at Xcel Energy’s Fort St. Vrain nest! We’ll be looking for the first egg to hatch around March 24th. Why? In 2015, the third egg arrived late on February 20 and the first hatch happened on March 26th at 1:33 MT. #FullHouse

See Ma’s egg triangle? Larger females often incubate their eggs in a roughly triangular shape since their larger brood patches can fit two eggs side by side, while smaller males often brood them in a line!

Thanks to Xcel Energy and the Fort St. Vrain eagle fans for their dedication to this nest! Ma and Pa FSV can be watched on our website at https://www.raptorresource.org/birdcams/xcel-energy-cams/ or Xcel Energy’s website at https://birdcam.xcelenergy.com/cams/xcel_energy_eagle_cams/eagle_cam_two. If you watch at Xcel Energy’s site, make sure to enable Flash in whatever browser you use. Fans from outside the US may need to download Opera and turn the VPN option on to access the stream.

Thanks to Elfruler for the excellent capture!